Non-Linear Performance Pricing (NLPP)

The powerful analysis solution for price analysis, cost optimization, benchmarking and price estimation.

  • See savings and benchmarks per part number: NLPP calculates three benchmarks (Worst Practice, Target and Best Practice) per part number. So you know the target price and a realistic price range even before you negotiate.
  • Savings by supplier, product group or other criteria: With NLPP you can quickly perform "what-if" analysis and immediately see the effect on your purchasing volume.
  • Use the results as a reporting baseline: NLPP results are very well suited to make success measurable and objectively evaluated.
  • Use the precise NLPP price estimates in daily business: With NLPP, you can calculate precise price estimates for all types of part families in seconds. No more delays due to supplier RFQs.
  • Integrate NLPP price estimates into your IT systems: Use NLPP target price formulas in your IT systems for active and agile cost management in your product lifecycle.
  • Connect sales, development and purchasing: Your engineering understands which design change influences the manufacturing costs by what degree and how much customers are willing to spend for a specific feature. Quick and accurate.

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How NLPP works

NLPP analyzes product prices by performance and shows you which products have good or bad value for money.

ABC Analysis
Cost Break Down
ABC Analyse
Bottom Up Kalkulation
Bottom Up Calculation
Let me tell you about how I got the best prices possible for our company's parts.  
Sehen Sie, wie ich die besten Einkaufspreise für meine Artikelgruppe realisiert habe.
Learn how NLPP works
Wie funktioniert NLPP?
Replay Scene
Price Drivers
Preis treiber
Master Data
Gewicht .07
Länge 3.0
Length 3.0
Durchmesser 2.0
Torque .69
Weight .07
Diameter 2.0
Kraft .69
Länge 2.0
Length 2.0
Gewicht .04
Weight .04
Durchmesser 1.6
Diameter 1.6
Torque .34
Kraft .34
Sie haben bereits alles Denkbare unternommen, um gute Einkaufspreise für Ihre Warengruppe zu erreichen?
You have done everything you can imagine to get good purchasing prices for your commodity.
But you are still requested to do better.
Dennoch sollen Sie weitere Einsparungen realisieren?
Your Progress On Savings?
Wo sind Ihre Einsparungen?
NLPP is your tool for cost optimization, benchmarking,  and price estimates. It shows for all kind of parts which are costing you more than they should.
NLPP ist die leistungsstarke Preisanalyse für Kostenoptimierung, Benchmarking und Preisprognosen. NLPP zeigt Ihnen, welche Teile teurer als gerechtfertigt sind.
With NLPP you know the correct price before you negotiate with suppliers.
Mit NLPP kennen Sie den korrekten Preis, bevor Sie mit Lieferanten verhandeln. Dieser Perspektivwechsel ist eine neue Erfahrung für Einkäufer.
NLPP is easy to use because it uses data you already have. The price, the quantity and properties that are important to you like weight, diameter, power, width, etc. These are the price-drivers.
NLPP ist einfach anzuwenden, da es Ihre vorhandenen Daten nutzt: Preis, Menge und Preistreiber wie Gewicht, Durchmesser, Drehmoment, Breite etc.
Sie erstellen einfach eine Excel-Datei mit den Angaben zu Preis, Menge und Preistreibern für einige bereits gekaufte Produkte.
You just collect the price, quantity and price-drivers for a couple of your already purchased parts into a spreadsheet.
Sie importieren die Daten 1:1 in NLPP und arbeiten mit der gleichen Struktur wie bisher. NLPP unterstützt beliebig viele Spalten und Zeilen.
You then import the CSV file into NLPP, identify which columns are your price, quantity and price drivers, and let NLPP start its calculations.
Through the magic of mathematics, NLPP creates from your data a price-prediction / price-estimation formula by which the correct price can be calculated.
Mit der Magie der Mathematik berechnet NLPP aus Ihren Daten eine Preisformel.
0.122 - 0.009 * 'Länge' + 0.005 * 'Gewicht' + 0.011 * 'Durchmesser' - 0.001 * 'Kraft' = Soll-Preis
0.122 - 0.009 * 'Length' + 0.005 * 'Weight' + 0.011 * 'Diameter' - 0.001 * 'Torque' = should-cost
The NLPP formula is your key to success. It’s the thing that tells you the correct price you should pay. Now let’s cross-check your current pricing.
Die NLPP Preisformel ist der Schlüssel zu Ihren Einsparungen. Die Preisformel liefert Ihnen den Preis, den Sie zahlen sollten.
NLPP calculates a “should-cost,” or target price, for each part using the price-prediction formula.
NLPP berechnet mit dieser Preisformel den Soll- / Zielpreis für jede Teilenummer.
NLPP zeigt Ihnen das Ergebnis grafisch an. Sie erkennen sofort, welche Teile ein Einsparpotenzial haben.
NLPP shows you the result graphically. You don’t have to crawl through endless Excel lines. Just take a look and you will immediately see which products have potential savings.
Actual Price < Should Cost
Aktueller Preis > Soll-Preis
Should Cost
Actual Price > Should Cost
Aktueller Preis
Aktueller Preis < Soll-Preis
Actual Cost
NLPP berechnet zwei weitere Benchmarks: "Worst Practice" und "Best Practice". Damit kennen Sie zusätzlich die obere und untere Grenze des gerechtfertigten Preises für jede Teilenummer.
NLPP calculates 2 additional benchmarks for you: Best Price and Worst Price You will really know for sure what the upper and lower prices of your parts should be. You know it even better than the supplier.
Worst Preis Segment
Worst Price Area
Best Price Area
Best Preis Segment
Mit den NLPP Ergebnissen verhandeln Sie anders als bisher: Der Lieferant muss Ihnen nun nicht nachvollziehbare Preisunterschiede zwischen ähnlichen Teilen erklären.
Now that you have the power of NLPP’s results in your hands, you negotiate in a different way than before: The supplier now needs to explain to you why prices differ so much between mostly similar parts.
Ihre neue Perspektive auf Nutzen & Wert im Verhältnis zum Preis führt dazu, dass Sie für Ihre Teile das beste Preis-Leistungsverhältnis erzielen.
Since you switched from a cost view to a performance view, your reward is, that your parts have the best possible price performance ratio.
Previous Price:  0.091 Should Cost Price:                    0.035 Savings:              0.056
New Contract
Neuer Vertrag
Alter Preis:0.91 Neuer Preis:0.35 Einsparung:0.56
Now it's your turn to try NLPP.
Unser Sieger hat 250.000 € an Einsparungen realisiert!
Our champion here realized 250.000 savings!
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Nutzen Sie die Chance und probieren Sie NLPP einfach aus.

Let me tell you about how I got the best prices possible for our company's parts.

Target Group & Benefit

NLPP makes state-of-the-art analysis algorithms accessible to all, quickly and easily.

Buyers, sellers, value engineers, cost analysts, quote builders, value analysts, and many more who want to understand how performance and price are related leverage NLPP.

NLPP customers are companies in a variety of sizes and industries that already benefit from the precision and speed compared to other approaches.

NLPP has been actively developing since 2008, delivering the best results from your data as we have developed the most powerful mathematics available on the market for performance pricing.

The average NLPP ROI is 1-2 applications.

NLPP Unique Selling Proposition

The uniqueness of NLPP is to automatically find the most accurate target price formula for your data.

NLPP condenses the information from your data into precise target price formulas that accurately describe the relationship between price and performance. With NLPP, Predictive Analytics becomes practicable.

  • Only correct "performance pricing models" can reliably and precisely map the relationship between product characteristics and price.
  • NLPP is the only solution that provides a total of six different mathematical methods to find the best possible target price formula in each situation.
  • Depending on your input data, NLPP automatically uses the mathematical method which can gain the most information from your data and thus guarantees an optimal result.

Proportion of different NLPP methods after the automatic calculation of the best target price formula. Basis: 107 data sets from different industries and part families.

  • In 96% of all cases, only one of the five unique NLPP methods can ensure that the information contained in the input data reaches the target price formula correctly and accurately.
  • NLPP automatically detects which product features have a large, small or no impact on the target price.
  • NLPP ensures that good input data is followed by good results.

Our promise: The best possible target price formula from your data. Fully automatic!

To determine which pricing analysis solution is right for your business, we've created an evaluation guide that highlights the key features and characteristics that such a solution should perform. Furthermore, we provide you with special test data with which you can evaluate the performance of different solutions.

Thank you very much! We will send you the evaluation guide as soon as possible.

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Product & Delivery

You receive software, training and documentation. In addition, unlimited personal advice from our NLPP expert team.


Linear & non-linear methods, 6 different methods, automatic selection of the best model, calculation of the influence strength for each feature, automatic removal of features without influence, indication of extrapolations, calculation of three different price benchmarks


Expert system for automatic HotSpot identification, one-click coloration, quick selection of datasets, various calculations of potential savings, target price calculation of new products, recallable snapshots with notes, data export


Any free import structure, any number of records and characteristics, data quality check, one click clustering, numerical & non-numerical price drivers, any number of price and quantity columns, mass change of data records, automatic handling of data gaps


Runs on 32 & 64 bit Windows systems, no license server, no database server, installation in 60s, no maintenance for the IT, sharing analysis data, extensive documentation


Intuitive operation, low learning curve, direct visual feedback, short calculation times thanks to highly optimized algorithms

Consulting & Support

Telephone, web meeting, email for: program operation, feature selection, interpretation of analysis results, best practice webinars, newsletters, regular NLPP tips & tricks


Answers to the most important questions about the NLPP methodology and solution.

LPP stands for "Linear Performance Pricing" and only uses target price formulas with a linear structure, ie only multiplication and addition. Therefore, LPP solutions can only depict linear relationships.

NLPP also uses target price formulas with more complex, non-linear, structures. As a result, NLPP is better able to map the relationship between product feature and price.

Most LPP applications use a method called LPP-LSM. LPP stands for Linear Performance Pricing and describes the structure of the linear target price formulas (addition and multiplication). But that alone is not enough; the process of calculating the components, the regression coefficients and the target price formula is also important. This is almost always the least squares method (LSM).

To use LPP-LSM, many prerequisites must be met. Furthermore, the method is not well suited if the analysis data also includes extreme values. This is almost always the case in practice.

Just as craftsmen need different tools, so are different calculation methods necessary in data analysis. Therefore, NLPP offers six different methods, LPP-LSM being one. Our tests have shown that in 96% of cases, one of the unique NLPP methods give better results than LPP-LSM.

NLPP can handle several thousands of records. The largest known record consists of 15,000 articles.

NLPP can handle any number of features. However, it does not make sense to use as many features as possible in one calculation. The motto "Much helps a lot" does not apply.

No. NLPP processes data where the information is organized in columns and one record per line. The order of the columns does not matter.

The calculation time depends on the number of data records, the number of features used and the "structure of the data".

Most NLPP analysis require less than 30 seconds of computation time.

No. NLPP can work with gaps in the data. If a feature is used in a calculation and there are records where that feature is missing, these records are automatically disregarded.

All your data remains with you. NLPP is not a cloud solution, as price analytics data is very sensitive business internals and in our opinion should only be stored by you.

As an additional safeguard, all NLPP data is encrypted. If you want to exchange NLPP data via email, etc., this ensures that no unauthorized access is possible.

Yes. With the "data washing machine" of our partner CADBAS we can read your CAD data and enrich it with additional master data. This procedure creates the basis for a systematic & integrated material creation and classification process that you can build up step-by-step.

Successful parts data management is a continuous improvement process, and the NLPP methodology increases the value of your part data by factors.


Our NLPP technology combined with the coordinated offerings of our partners, further increases your benefit.

  • Our partner CADBAS GmbH has been offering pragmatic solutions for parts management for many years.
  • As the maturity of systematic & integrated parts management increases, the value of your data for the NLPP methodology continues to increase.
  • Successful parts management is a continuous improvement process.
  • The combination of PartExplorer & NLPP makes it possible to use data at the push of a button in NLPP and use the calculated target price formulas in further business processes.
  • Our partner Effico has been focusing 100% on purchasing for years.
  • Efficio's purchasing consultants support you in identifying ways and solutions to improve your entire corporate purchasing and in securing results in the long term or integrating them into your workflow over the long term.
  • Efficio is one of the few consultants who use targeted purchasing technology such as NLPP.
  • In the comprehensive, 6-8-week potential analysis, you can experience the possibilities of NLPP in your company and learn the NLPP method.
  • Our Nordics partner ET Advisory focuses on the orchestration of all cost-relevant topics.
  • The ET Advisory team consists of cost analysts with experience from many different industries and a very extensive network.
  • ET Advisory combines various technologies and solutions into a fully integrated solution for its clients.
  • ET Advisory has included NLPP as part of their cost management framework and offers the full range of services for NLPP.
  • INNOSourcing members benefit from continuous cost and process optimization through strategic pooling.
  • INNOSourcing has many years of experience in the Swiss market with regard to procurement and purchasing pooling.
  • By partnering with INNOSourcing, members gain access to the high-profile NLPP methodology and software to systematically discover cost-cutting potential in their procurement portfolio.
  • By using NLPP, INNOSourcing is also able to optimally manage direct purchasing material for its members.
  • Siemens Digital Industries Software offers a wide range of software solutions, from CAD systems and cost management to the complete simulation of the digital factory.
  • Through the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partnership between Saphirion and Siemens Digital Industries Software, the NLPP method and technology are coupled with the various Siemens software solutions such as Teamcenter® or NX ™.
  • Through the partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software, the NLPP method and technology is available to all Siemens customers.
  • Werk24 uses AI to extract information from technical drawings in a structured and machine-readable form, including title blocks (drawing ID, designation, material, general tolerance), dimensions, tolerances, threads, chamfers, GD&T, radii, and surface roughness.
  • The partnership between Saphirion and Werk24 massively simplifies and accelerates the first step of an NLPP analysis, the data collection.
  • The integration of the two solutions makes it possible to transform large quantities of technical drawings into meaningful benchmarks with the help of the NLPP software in a short time.